Become a dance puppeteer, with videos that automatically sync to the music you select.

Ever seen someone breakdance to classical music?

GrooveTo is a web-based music and choreography stitching application where you can create audio-dance mashups in real time using music selected from SoundCloud. 

The playback speed of the video library adjusts automatically to the tempo of the currently playing song, creating the illusion that the dancers are grooving to the beat. 

At anytime the user can determine which video is featured by clicking the desired video from the video library, allowing anyone to become a masterful VJ.

Let's get groovy.

Here's a demo video of grooveto in action.  Make sure to turn your volume up!

Making GrooveTo


During my undergraduate studies, I had an idea for an interactive video application which would allow people to make dancers dance to any type of music they wanted. 

I figured out all of the technical details of making the interaction happen, but it remained an idea that lived in my sketchbook for almost two years. 

We were attempting to come up with ideas for our hackathon project, and I was flipping through my sketchbook for inspiration when I happened across it again; the rest is history.

Work Process

I was team lead for this project, and was the one who brought in the original concept for this tech piece.  

My primary goal was to make certain that the video mashing algorithm was being correctly implemented and that there was compelling footage for people to engage with while using the app. I consulted on the visual design of the application as well.

In typical hackathon fashion, we worked day and night over the course of several days to make grooveto a reality.


GrooveTo was created in under 48 hours at the Penn Apps Fall 2013 hackathon and received an honorable mention by headlining sponsor Venmo during the award’s ceremony, as well as from Venmo Co-Founder Andrew Kortina.

"[GrooveTo] was my fav #PennApps project by far. Epic."
— Venmo Co-Founder Andrew Kortina
"Instant smile on your face, guaranteed."
— Philly's - PennApps Fall 2013, our favorites